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Massage Therapy By Victoria – Massage tailored to suit the individual

In June 2014, I relocated from England to Manhattan Beach, California with my husband and two boys. I qualified as a Massage Therapist in London’s City and Islington College in 2004, where my focus was on Anatomy and Physiology. I have always been curious in how the body works it’s structure, function and the relationship between the mind and body; it was this curiosity that inspired me to study massage, anatomy and physiology. I am now qualified and licensed in both the UK and California. I am trained in remedial and clinical massage, sports massage and rehab, pre and post op, lymphatic drainage, Trigger point, neuromuscular therapy,pregnancy, pediatrics, seniors, physically frail and dementia sufferers.

In the UK, worked in Winchester for 9 years at The Natural Practice medical center.  This is a holistic medical center with G.P.s, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists, Reflexologists, hypnotherapists and Physical Therapists. This has lead to a good understanding of remedial massage and bodyworks.The center focused on the importance of working with other disciplines to create an integrated approach to healing. It  allowed me to treat patients of all ages, with a broad range of medical conditions. During sessions, I aim to teach my clients how to live effectively in their bodies given the constraints of our 21st century western life style; correcting imbalances in posture with massage to release tight muscles and stretches and exercises to carry out at home.

My intention has always been to bring massage to everyone and that given the correct modalities massage is a fundamental need. Given this, in 2013 I started a new business in the UK with a Partner Phillipa Walker, called Mind Body and Soul our aim is to bring massage to the elderly and physically frail with an emphasis on dementia sufferers. The focus of this form of massage is to use massage as a form of communication to patients who maybe nonverbal or disorientated with the intention of grounding and relaxing them. This has been incredibly effective and we are now working in 3 independent care homes in the UK.

I am passionate about the positive benefits of massage and firmly believe that massage can benefit everyone; if tailored correctly to that individuals needs.


I have worked with Victoria for a number of years at The Natural Practice, Winchester, UK and also been a very grateful recipient of her services. She is a pleasure to work with, always friendly and very easy to get on with. I work as a Hypnotherapist and Victoria and I have had a number of mutual clients e.g. those suffering from chronic back/neck pain. Patients have always been very complimentary about her treatments. During my own pregnancy I suffered a lot of lower back/SIJ pain myself and Victoria very kindly treated me for this. I found her treatment helpful and only wish she were still here now that I have a very active toddler who sometimes puts a strain on my back! Victoria would be an asset to any practice and I would be very happy to work with her, or be treated by her if she were ever to return to the UK.

Dr Ruth Dyson, Medical Hypnotherapist and General Practitioner BM, MRCGP

I have had the pleasure of working with Victoria for 9 years at The Natural Practice, an integrated medical practice in Winchester. The practice is a team of practitioners including osteopaths, a Chinese medicine specialist, medical hypnotherapist, massage therapist and doctors specialising in homeopathy, acupuncture and environmental medicine and allergy. A patient may be supported by an individual or a team of practitioners, but all are key to the delivery of healthcare. Victoria was a committed and dedicated member of that team. She attended and regularly contributed to the quarterly practitioner meetings where case discussion was integral to the meeting and patient care. Her patients in Winchester miss her greatly as do her colleagues. She is skilled at making patients feel at ease and is extremely competent in delivery of care.  She is equally happy to lead on patient care or to deliver care as part of a team. I have no hesitation in recommending her unreservedly. I feel that any clinic working with her is fortunate to have her as a team member and wish her well.

Dr Patricia Ridsdale MBChB DRCOG MRCGP FFHom Integrated Physician

My first massage with Victoria several years ago was a most relaxing experience – leading to a sleep after lunch and a feeling of euphoria for the rest of the day. As I’ve got older, more creaky and arthritic, Victoria’s capable hands seek out the sore knots in my back, shoulders and neck. Iarrive stiff and bent, but after an hour of handwork as she irons out the problems, I am able to stand upright again and can say I sail forth feeling 20 years younger than when I arrived. As I am now nearly 90 this is an achievement all round for which I am most grateful.

Marry Harris Winchester

We had the pleasure of being treated by Victoria when my teenage son woke up with a stiff neck that he could barely move. She made time in her busy schedule to see him as fast as possible and we saw her that same day. She had his neck moving by the end of the session and my son felt well enough to go back to school. Her office is so convenient, right next to the Arco station on Manhattan Beach Boulevard with parking underneath. The office is bright, spacious and clean and she made my son feel relaxed in the environment. She is a mother herself and so really knows how to make children feel comfortable. I highly recommend her services for both adults and children.

Catherine, Manhattan Beach

Victoria is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced massage therapist, and if you need it, she has hands of steel. Don’t let it fool you that she’s about a 5’4″ small British woman. I’m a 6’3″ athletically built 54 year old man. I’m a martial artist and I’ve had lots of injuries over the years. I saw her the first time for what my doctor called “a strained arm”. After working on me a short time Victoria determined that it was a shoulder injury. She has worked tirelessly to release all of the painful, knotted, seemingly fused muscles in my arm, shoulder and back that resulted from it. In England she worked at a Holistic Health Center along side General Practitioners, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists and Physical Therapists. When she works on you she’s extremely intuitive about how what she’s doing feels to you and that comes from experience. I’ll continue using her to keep my overused body in balance long after my shoulder’s healed.

Greg, Redondo Beach

‘I have seen a huge improvement in Mum’s posture, tension, mood and anxiety levels over the 4 months she has been receiving massage therapy from Victoria. 

Her gentle, light touch is totally appropriate for an older, frail individual and has particularly helped to reduce the congestion in Mum’s shoulder and back muscles after years of using a zimmer frame. 

Mum is able to guide the massage to areas which are troubling her with her movements, which, with her advanced stage of dementia, she is unable to express verbally. I wholeheartedly recommend it.’

Ali Mackay, daughter of Jill Mackay

‘I Have known Victoria since becoming one of her massage patients several years ago. She has a deep understanding of what makes people tick and a particular empathy with the elderly, infirm and those with dementia,  the latter occupying a special place in her heart. She has my absolute and honest recommendation 

I started coming to Victoria after a car accident.  I was rear ended and suffered from whiplash.  Victoria has worked with an osteopath in England, and knows how to work on problem areas, and knows exactly the kind of pressure and technique to use when working with someone with an injury.  She is professional, knowledgeable and has wonderful, healing hands! Highly recommended!

Jeri, Manhattan Beach

‘I Have known Victoria since becoming one of her massage patients several years ago. She has a deep understanding of what makes people tick and a particular empathy with the elderly, infirm and those with dementia, the latter occupying a special place in her heart. She has my absolute and honest recommendation.

Pat Winchester

Please see my 16 5 star reviews on yelp; here is a selection

  • 1/7/2017

    My girlfriend got me a gift card with Victoria for my birthday in part because I am always badgering her for massages.  I love massages, but really have never had a consistent therapist because I’ve never found the right one.  That all changed and I’ve been scheduling regular massages ever since.  Highly recommended!

    First time visitor here; I will definitely be coming back! Studio is small and simple with a very peaceful vibe. Victoria is friendly and professional, and the massage was wonderful. I had awful stress knots in my neck and shoulders, but feel so much better now.

    So worth the drive from the San Fernando Valley! Thank you, Victoria!

    I came to see her for running related issues and she not only help fix the issues, she educated me with what was going on and what I should do going forward.

    Victoria has a very clam and welcoming personality. She took the time to really understand me and what my needs were. You can tell she really enjoys her work and cares about what she does.

    If you need a sports massage, I highly recommend her!

  • Victoria is great, she has helped me with back and running related issues. I highly recommend her treatments!

  • 11/25/2015

    Victoria spent time listening to my needs and proceeded to exceed my expectations. She actively worked w me to get the max pressure while keeping my pain tolerable. I plan to return. Thanks, Victoria.

  • 12/29/2015

    I have had discomfort for the past 4 months from a problem that has been diagnosed as my right piriformis pinching a nerve that results in lateral thigh weakness. When I described my diagnosis and symptoms to Vic, she immediately set out to relieve muscle tension in the area and she succeeded in doing so within 30 minutes. Following my massage, I was able to painlessly climb a hill, something that has been a challenge these past 4 months. Vic has a gentle touch and calming presence that were both reassuring. I highly recommend Vic to massage the knots in your body.

  • 10/20/2015

    Victoria is a true therapist.  She analyzes your muscles and works hard to give you what you need. In my first appointment I was amazed at her ability to find my tight spots and work to find a way to work out the problem. Her practice isn’t about giving you a relaxing hour of massage, rather help you find balance and release from tightness and pain.

  • 7/10/2015

    Vic is an EXCELLENT Massage Therapist! I happen to live in Manhattan Beach but would drive a long distance to go to her if need be. I have been to Vic for both a sports injury and migraine headaches.  In both situations she was able to help me immediately.  After I sustained a sports injury on the tennis court I was barley able to walk. I went to see Vic immediately and after her massage treatment not only was I walking (with the help of this special tape she used) but I felt so much better.  After a few sessions, I was able to return to tennis.

    I found Vic because of a lingering Migraine. By the time I left her office, the migraine tension in my head was almost gone. If you suffer from migraines you know how valuable getting rid of them quickly can be. She was gentle but effective by understanding the exact pressure points to hit in order to remove the tension.

    She is very good about listening to your needs and devising a great treatment plan. Massage Therapy By Victoria gets a 5+ rating from this customer!

  • 7/10/2015

    I started coming to Victoria after a car accident.  I was rear ended and suffered from whiplash.  Victoria has worked with an osteopath in England, and knows how to work on problem areas, and knows exactly the kind of pressure and technique to use when working with someone with an injury.  She is professional, knowledgeable and has wonderful, healing hands! Highly recommended!

  • 9/29/2015

    I recently had a “pinched” nerve and stiff neck from playing sports. I was in pain and reduced to limited activity for over a week. Vic was able to loosen my neck and alleviate the pain/pressure to where I was able to work out again the very next day. After two sessions, I’ve made a full recovery. I also have a greater range of motion in my neck and shoulders than prior to having the pinched nerve.

    Vic taught me how to take care of my injury and how the muscles work together in my shoulders, back, and neck. She also gave me simple exercises for strength and posture to do at home to prevent my neck pain in the future.

    I absolutely recommend Vic!

    Vic also helped my wife with her injury…she is our family’s official massage therapist!

  • 1/31/2016

    I started seeing Victoria after experiencing some major tightness in my hamstrings which was causing me pain in my lower back.  Her deep tissue massage was very on point and super helpful. She is highly trained and understands and knows the body well.  After just a few sessions, my hamstrings back loosened up and relaxed and I’m feeling significantly better.  She also gave me some really good and simple stretches that I continue to use still.  She’s a total professional and works with a broad range of issues.  I also loved her office – quiet, peaceful and relaxing.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.

  • 7/20/2015

    Massage Therapy by Victoria saved the day for me!  I suddenly strained my lower back while picking up my daughter a few days ago and a friend recommend I try going to Victoria for massage therapy.  Luckily for me, Victoria was available to see me later that day.  She recognized immediately that I had pushed myself too hard on the tennis courts earlier that week and that I had not stretched properly all week.  Within minutes she had relieved the majority of the shooting pain I was in, and by the end of the session I felt like I could run a marathon!  The studio she shares with another woman who does skin care was very clean, comfortable, and daintily well decorated. I would highly recommend Victoria! I only wish we lived closer or I would set up regular sessions, instead of just seeing her for this quick fix!

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